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If you’re anything like me you will have a million things on your mind at all times. With so many thoughts & ideas, it feels like almost nothing actually gets done.  Check out 3 tips on how to get started with almost anything -- RIGHT NOW.  These are actionable steps you can take today and every minute of every day to push you towards the goals in your life.  Procrastination is not helping anyone so let’s get started.

Tell that inner B*tch to shut up right now

YUP! I said it.  Because that’s who she is.  That inner bitch is the girl who puts doubt into your mind before you get the change to start.  

You know how you’ll go to sleep with the intention to work out in the morning. You may even download a workout, put out clothes & set a timer. (GO YOU!) But then you wake up and before you get into your action that inner bitch is making excuses why you don’t have to/don’t want to.  If you’re anything like me, you may even feel “a bit sick.”  Any and every excuse in the book pops up.  

So the trick here is to not even give her a chance to speak.  As soon as you feel even a second of an excuse coming into your brain JUMP the heck up & get it done.  The longer you wait, the less likely you will do it.

If your inner bitch is more of a doubter or scared then question her, as often as uncomfortable as it (also a bit weird questioning your inner-self right?) 

This is a technique patients with OCD are encouraged to do (which is a wildly misunderstood mental disorder.)  But anyway, the trick is to think about whatever it is that scared you and question her “why the f*ck can’t I do it?” “who says” “so what” “if they can do it, why can’t I?”  Questioning the fear helps you to work through it and realize you are AMAZING.  You are a completely capable human that can do whatever you want.

How to Think Small

What? Why would I ever think small? Thinking small goes against most of what I am a huge advocate for but hear me out.  You have this huge goal right now, for example running a business making 6 figures & up or opening up a coffee shop, or writing & publishing a book.

These are dope goals and YOU will achieve them.  I want you to know you will achieve them but to get better at taking truly actionable steps you can’t think about the end goal right now.  You have to think about the steps that will get you there.

If you doubt that you ever achieve your wildest dreams then check out these free manifest the sh*t out of your work & life guide here.

Find the first steps and start doing them.  Write a sentence or mindmap for your book, start writing what you want to offer to your customers, just find those first steps & get it done.

Do you struggle with where to even start, maybe you have zero experience? Put together a list of steps that you could do that would help you reach your goal and pick one and do it.  

Remember, because we are thinking small here, it does not matter how small this action item is.

Be prepared to suck & get started anyways

Cause guess what, nobody is perfect especially in the beginning.  As soon as you can show up, imperfect and all, is when work gets done.  Do you have a website that hasn’t been ready for months? Or a blog post in a draft? A youtube video that doesn’t feel as professional as it should? Get over it.  Post it anyway.  After that, keep posting, because that’s how you will get where you want to be.

Suck your way all the way to your goals…. lol I typed that out and then realized what I said so let’s forget that but you get the point.

Above all, you do not have to be perfect to do it! JUST DO IT!

xx Britta

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