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HELL YEAH! I am so excited that you're interested in being a guest speaker on Rise Rebelliously!

RISE REBELLIOUSLY, hosted by rebel entrepreneur Britta Weickert, is a podcast for ambitious entrepreneurs that are 100% unapologetically themselves & revel in it. Here we RISE into our confidence & creative flow & let sh*t go that doesn't align. You'll hear from the raddest entrepreneurs around, and grow into a rebellious entrepreneur that no longer gives a damn what she "should be doing." Here you'll dare to be confident. Dare to manifest unlimited wealth. Dare to rebel. And above all, dare to be you. Come along the journey as we rise… rebelliously.

So, what is this podcast all about?

You'll get questions beforehand, and we'll let the conversation flow naturally from there. But, notes on your main points is helpful! 

Talking Points

Yes, the Apple earbuds work just fine! Nothing fancy needed. You just been to be able to hear me NOT out of the computer's speakers.


This is important for our audio quality. If you don't have a professional mic, please let me know.

External Microphone

What you need to record:

listen to the show!

 ✔ Primarily female, age 25 - 40

 ✔ Entrepreneurs, CEOs, side-hustlers & people who want to quit their job

 ✔ Ass kicking, name takers that aren't offended by cursing & like a balance of tough love & serious mindset work.

 ✔ REBELS.... obviously.

I recommend listening to one of our guest interviews before our interview!

Rebel entrepreneurs that are sick of the rules & following what everyone else is doing.  The followers are bold, badass "mostly female" entrepreneurs that kick ass and take names.

So, who is listening?

YOU'LL TEACH ON THE TOPIC. Guest podcasts can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.  This is your time to shine & show em what you know.


YOU'LL TELL YOUR STORY. Start off with a bang. Tell the audience what you do, how you do it & why you are a bad ass.


WE'LL CHAT BEFORE WE HIT RECORD. We won't be hopping right into the interview. I'll answer any of your questions and we can go over our topic before we start!


Here's what to expect when we record!

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