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I was searching the vast internet for a gift guide for entrepreneurs that didn’t seem like an obvious list of items that would be thrown out within a week & I couldn’t find it so I put one together myself.  If you have an entrepreneur in your life you know they are pretty badass so you don’t want to waste a lame gift on them (or yourself.. I won’t tell anyone).  

I put together this no bullsh*t gift guide for entrepreneurs, whether it is your girlfriend, your best friend, your daughter, or yourself this guide will help you find a gift worth giving.


The no-bullshit gift guide for entrepreneurs!

Not your average candle.  Ha.. I just hyped up how great this list is gonna be & then I say a candle.  But if you haven’t heard of Malicious women then just scroll throw their website & it will most likely make you smile &/or laugh, even if you don’t buy anything.  Every candle has a not only hilarious but extremely relatable saying on it.  Also, they curse a lot, which I obviously enjoy.  Not for the faint-hearted. 😉 

This is a small women-owned business that also automatically sends a portion of the proceeds from every item sold to support suicide prevention and programs helping those affected by suicide.


Don’t come at me with those weak ass presents →

Not your average planner. A goal-setting & productivity planner chosen by professionals.  The tools & systems here are not only designed beautifully, which makes me actually want to use it, but they are effective AF.  They have a 2021 planner that looks gorgeous but I like my 3 month get shit done one because I get overwhelmed by a full year & work in quarterly goals for my business.

There are amazing online educational resources.  As a college dropout turned full-time entrepreneur I am fascinated by the number of badass tools that you can use from your computer alone to learn new skills.  Everything I learned from running not one, but two businesses, has been learned online.  And especially an entrepreneur, you never want to stop learning nor should you.

One of my absolute favorites tools, that is worth way more than it costs is Skillshare.  They picked a pretty good name, huh? Pretty self-explaining... share a skill.  Skillshare is a course tool that offers classes from a huge variety of people who excel in their fields about more topics than I could name.

Buying a membership here is an amazing gift that will excite, educate & be worth every penny.



By far the prettiest water bottle they (or you) will ever use.  It is hard to remember to drink water sometimes so a gorgeous bottle reminds you to grab it more often.  Even if you are sitting in front of a computer for most of the day staying hydrated is obviously still important.  These bottles are the secret weapon for always hitting my "water goals."



Sassy Sleepy Mask

Staring at screens all day can take its toll.  A dark sleep mask was a game-changer for me.  I have slept better with this mask than ever before.  So why not get one that is cute or full as hell.  This particular one (same exact I use) is made of silk & says F♥️CK OFF.  Sure to give the entrepreneur in your life a laugh.

Diffuser & Oils

I don't know about you, but diffusing essential oils seriously put me in the vibe.  There are so many amazing uses for essential oils from peppermint for stress relief, headaches & even energy to lavender for restful sleep.  The advantages of using them would shock you.  Make sure when you buy essential oils you buy the highest quality you can find. I personally use Plant Therapy & I have always had great experiences with them.

Stress Relief Coloring Book

Running your own business, even if it's from home can cause stress.  Entrepreneurs have a huge tendency to overwork & put off self-care so taking a couple of minutes for some fun stress relief is essential. An entrepreneur is way more likely to use a gift like this if you buy it for them, because like I said we overwork 😉

My favorites are ones with curse words, naturally, like this one called Calm The F*ck Down & this one called F*ck off COVID, I'm Coloring.

An espresso machine is one of those things you never think you need (and you don't really) and that's why it makes an amazing gift.  Having a latte when working from home feels like luxury & gives you something to look forward to pushing you through the grind that day!

This is one badass desk that I am completely in love with.  They took every minor detail into mind when designing a desk made for a woman working from home. Some of the awesome features included are:

  • Wireless Charger
  • Cup Holder
  • Whiteboard Top
  • Cord Storage & Power Strip
  • Hook

And that's some of the features.  This desk doesn't play around.  This is the one that feels like it might end being a... santa came early & told me to buy it for myself kinda deal.


Bonus: want 5% off? Use promo: BRITTANY5

I hope you loved this list as much as I do.  Did you end up buying any? Share below, I'd love to hear about it or any suggestions you have for this list!

Xo, Britta

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